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Shape & Control

Shaping tights are an ideal choice for a perfect silhouette. We offer a series of premium quality modelling tights that will adjust your problem areas, creating a slimmer look.  

How do you select your perfect shaping tights? Discover our shapers by selecting the preferred thickness and correction strength


Although not entirely accurate, by density and thickness we mean the denier count of the tights. As a general rule of thumb - the more denier the tights have, the denser and less transparent they will look.

At we offer a range of shaping tights in 2 different densities: 20 den and 40 den. Tights in 20 den are transparent and would be a perfect choice for a special occasion. A perfect combination of sheerness and satin shine will create a slimmer appearance of your legs boosting your confidence levels to new heights. Tights in 40 den are denser knit and therefore will offer more support creating a more even skin tone. Our 40 den tights are still relatively transparent and are slightly less dense than what you would expect from a regular 40 den pair of tights. Therefore our 40 den shapers would still look very elegant and on your legs and they will last significantly longer. 

Correction strength

At we offer a range of shaping tights in differing correction levels, ranging from Strong to Moderate. Your optimal choice depends on the occasion and your outfit. 

X-PRESS  (Correction strength: HIGH)

Shapers from the X-PRESS series are undoubtedly our bestsellers. These tights have an excellent effect on the waist and hips. The shorts have incredible power due to 5 modelling belts, having a push-up effect on the buttocks, a slimming effect on the hips and waist and will help create an appearance of a flatter stomach. The overall slimming effect of our X-PRESS tights will impress you without creating any discomfort in wearing them. This model is a perfect choice for special occasions, where you would like to look your best in that favourite dress or skirt. Our X-PRESS shapers are available in different colours in sizes S, M, L, XL (size XL has an extra insert in the shorts area for a perfect fit).

STYLE (Correction strength: MEDIUM)

Shapers from the STYLE series will help you create a slimmer silhouette with the help of tightened elegant panties. These shapers have a moderate modelling effect on the waist and will help create a flatter appearance around the stomach area. These tights are very comfortable and would be a great option even for every day. Due to their transparent appearance throughout the whole length of the legs - this model is extremely versatile and will be suitable for any outfit. The panties of the tights have a subtle lace decor around the edges and a soft and comfortable waistband. This model is available in sizes S, M, L. 

CONTROL (Correction strength: MEDIUM)

CONTROL series offer tights with elongated shaping shorts. This model has a moderate shaping strength helping to create an overall slimmer look. These tights also have a graded compression along the legs, with firmer support towards the lower part of the leg. This support function will help reduce swelling in the legs due to fatigue thereby slimming your silhouette. This model is available in sizes: S, M, L. 

ACTIVE SOFT (Correction strength: LIGHT)

ACTIVE SOFT series offer excellent affordable support tights with dense shorts that have a light shaping effect. The shorts are knitted using special technology that will provide your hips a light massage effect. This model is specifically designed to provide optimal support to your legs, helping to reduce swelling and fatigue. This option would be a perfect choice if you are primarily looking for extra support to your legs during the day in case of standing for prolonged periods of time or during a long flight. The tights have a moderate compression along the legs stimulating blood circulation and preventing swelling in the legs. These tights are also a perfect choice for everyday. The shorts have a massage effect and a light slimming effect in the hips and stomach area without creating too much pressure. 

Active Soft tights have a smooth satin touch and are a perfect choice for any age. Available in sizes S, M, L, XL (Tights in 40 den also available in size XXL and have an additional insert in the crotch area).

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(Correction strength: HIGH)
Dense and comfortable shaping shorts with a push-up effect on the butto
(Shaping level: HIGH)
20 den shaping pantyhose with 5 modelling belts in the shorts that have a pus
(Correction level: HIGH)
40 den shaping tights with 5 modelling belts in the shorts with a push-up

Style 20

(Shaping level: MEDIUM)
20 den shaping pantyhose with tightened panties will adjust your figure, pu

Style 40

(Shaping level: MEDIUM)
40 den shaping tights with dense shaping panties that will slim down your w
(Correction level: LIGHT)
20 den support pantyhose with reinforced shorts with massage effect. The
(Correction level: LIGHT)
40 den support tights with a moderate compression and reinforced shorts w
(Shaping level: MEDIUM)
20 den modelling pantyhose with graded compression and lengthened support
(Shaping level: MEDIUM)
Dense 40 den shaping tights with graded compression and lengthened support
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